These living works of art are alive in your experience

"Collaborative in nature, each artwork relies upon the skill and knowledge of people from all walks of live to bring to fruition. I explore artistic forms, materials, creativity, and the expression of shared experience with people, exploring nature, industrial environments, renewable energy, and the built environment.  Each work requires immense amounts of thought, patience, trail and error, and most of all collaborative synergy to bring into physical existence."  

Sean Carleton

Each piece of my portfolio is created as a one of a kind. 

These contemporary works set the tone for your environment - in your home, on your estate landscape, or in your public space.  

Created with elemental compositions of steel, wood, and glass; intended as timeless depictions of the transient nature of time - captured temporarily in physical form.

All of my recent collections are displayed in the store.

Each piece is carefully crated and able to be shipped anywhere in the world.

simple understated elegance

Clean, Modern, and One of a kind. 

The crisp geometry of Carleton Fine Work's sculptures are a must have statement piece. 

They bring the energy of nature into your space; true living art for your to admire for a lifetime.

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