These pieces are intentionally left open for your interpretation.


Intimate, passionate and writing our story in each second; each piece is as unique as the person receiving it. 

Why art furniture and sculpture? I find freedom designing within these forms. Nature, collaborations, industrial environments, and automotive design fuel my inspiration to create new forms. My goal is to create visual balance between the steel, wood and glass elements on each piece. Through patience and precision, an intuitive idea will transform into a deeply satisfying design. 

Each piece in the portfolio is one of a kind and intended to set the tone for your environment. Taking a less traditional approach, I see wood not in a structural sense, but rather as a focal point for the work. Displaying its natural beauty, I've learned that wood cannot be forced and needs to be presented in a way so that it may speak for itself. 

My designs come from a combination of my past experiences in welding and woodworking. Blending the two skill sets creates infinite expressions, similar to jazz. From a designer's perspective - if I make a mistake it tends to lead me down a new and exciting path. Using these mistakes, or improvisations opens up new design possibilities for future projects that I would have never imagined. 


After learning to weld at 15, my first journeyman career in Seattle was in carpentry. For 10 years I honed my skills working with hardwoods to learn the art of sanding and finishing. Through this, I came to enjoy the natural beauty and purity of wood. I started welding and expanded my knowledge in the craft by working in a variety of industries, including fishing, aerospace, large-scale aluminum boats and ferries, and sanitary piping for dairy farms. I was drawn to stainless sanitary TIG fabrication due to the precision and cleanliness of the work. On flights out of town for the fishing industry, I would carry a small notebook and design pieces on my flight. I built a small studio in my backyard to start creating my own pieces, not knowing at the time that I had ignited a deep passion for fine artisan craft within that would eventually take me around the world and back. 

When designing at my studio in Bellingham, Washington, I have found that my best work comes from free expression of my current creative process. By letting go of everything that does not serve a purpose, I focus on only the tools I need and nothing else. It's focused work, but having discipline in my life helps me balance the time I put into myself and my designs. By establishing this framework, I can focus on creating. To me, success is putting in the effort and doing the work. Everything else will come as it will - my focus is to create pieces that speak to my soul. With this mindset, I live for the creative process and put my whole life force into the creation of each design. 

By sharing my gift I hope to inspire others. If you have an inquiry or question about a piece that resonates with you, feel free to reach out to start a conversation. 

Indoor Sculpture Collectors: These objects are organic in nature and the steel ages under the clear coating. Veins of rust form light meandering patters and breaks down on a microscopic level. These living works of art are alive in your experience.